A Step by Step Guide in Choosing Diamonds

Considering the 4Cs, there are really plenty of diamonds to choose from. This makes choosing a diamond a complicated process. When you visit a jewellery store, you are already presented with plenty of options. There are even more options when you check out online jewellers. So if you are looking for a loose diamond for jewellery, this article can be of great help to you.


Step 1 – The Diamond Shape


Determine your preferred diamond shape. If you’re giving it to someone, make sure that you consider the preferences of the receiver. If you have no idea what she likes, you can always go for round or princess cut diamonds. These diamonds are two of the most popular shapes nowadays.


Step 2 – The Carat Weight

Set a carat weight. If you or the receiver likes a 2 carat diamond then it is recommended to go for it. It would be disappointing not to reach yours or the receiver’s expectation.

Step 3 – Other Factors


To fit with your budget, you can always make adjustments or changes into the other diamond factors. Remember your preferred diamond shape and carat weight. First, choose a diamond with a lower clarity. You can go for as low as a VS2 diamond. You can also choose a lower colour grade. Go for as low as grade H to lessen the price. Next, you can choose a lower cut quality. For fancy shape diamonds, you can opt for Good or the Very Good for round diamonds.


If the price is still higher than the budget you have set, you can choose a diamond with a lesser carat weight. Choose a carat weight that is 10% or less than the one you have chosen. It will be difficult to tell the difference when you look at it.


Repeat the steps discussed above if you are still a little over budget. You can also discuss your requirements with your jeweller or diamond merchant. Consult the experts at Certified Diamond Network. Read what customers says about Certified Diamond Network so you’ll have peace of mind that you’re really dealing with the right expert.